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Olympia Philharmonic Society

The Olympia Philharmonic Society, a 501c3 non-profit organization, was founded in 1988. The main purpose of the society is to promote classical music to communities of Southern California in the form of orchestral, chamber music or solo recital concerts. Specific attention is put on the music education of children through the annual operation of the Olympia Youth Orchestra.

The Olympia Philharmonic Society, a California 501c3 non-profit organization, was established in 1988 by professional musicians of the Greater Los Angeles area. The goal is to promote musical talents to the public in the form of classical orchestral, chamber and solo concerts.

Since its inception, many world class musicians have appeared in concerts of the Olympia Philharmonic and/or Youth Orchestras, including guess conductors Daniel Hege, Alan Mautner, Masatoshi Mitsumoto, Lucas Richman, Henry Shek & Wing-Sie Yip; cellists Ruslan Biryukov, Amy Leung, & Cecilia Tsan; guitarist Pepe Romero; pianists Jean Chen, Rueibin Chen & Wendy Fong-Chen; violists Li-Kuo Chang & Brett Deubner; violinists Nai-Yuan Hu, Kerson Leong, Chuanyun Li, Walter Schwede & Jay Zhong, mezzo-soprano Suznna Guzman, among many others. World premiere performances were also given to works of well-known composers such as Hong Diep, Amanda Harberg, John M. Kennedy, Daniel Kessner, Frank Ezra Levy and Masatoshi Mitsumoto.

In 1990, The Olympia Chamber Strings was also invited to a 10-day concert tour in Taiwan performing in the Cultural Centers of Cities of Tainan, Taichung and the National Music Hall in Taipei. Besides the regular Olympia Philharmonic Orchestra concerts, many chamber music concerts were also presented to the communities of Los Angeles.

The Olympia Youth Orchestra, founded in 2000 for the benefit of young musicians in the Los Angeles area by the Olympia Philharmonic Society, is under the direction of Mr. Fung Ho who serves as Music Director & Conductor. During the 2010-2020 seasons, the orchestra combined with the CalStateLA Symphony Orchestra and students taking part in the orchestra was offered an option to register for transferable college credits.

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